Supreme Hardchrome was established in 1969 and then later renamed to Supreme Bumpers in the mid 1980's.

Many of our staff have been working for us longer than 20 years who are highly qualified within their field of expertise.

Electroplating division:

We specialise in various metal finishers which includes restoration of all Classic, Vintage, exotic car, bike and truck components. Our primary finishers are Copper, Nickel, Chrome, Brass, Zinc, Silver, Gold and Smokey chrome, high speed polishing and Lacquering.

Our main core of business is the restoration of all Classic, Vintage and Exotic, Cars and Bike spares. We have a unique and highly qualified repair shop for your entire pre-chroming requirements. We also have a specialised department for all your concourse projects.

We are able to remove most dirt, rust and mill scale, paint and old chrome which carry additional cost.

Due to our expertise and well earned reputation since 1969, we receive regular work from Europe, Africa and Australia not forgetting loyal clients who have immigrated worldwide.

Plastic Division:

In our plastic division we repair and restore all old and new Bumpers, beading, Grilles to its former glory or to your specialised needs.

We also do Dashboard repairs on any vehicle and also change colours to suit your needs.

Specialise in various fibre glass working from moulds or repairs both in bulk or single items.


We have a specialised team for all your minor and major panel repairs. Furthermore we do complete Car restoration work and or just Paintwork restoration.

Our lead times are pretty favourable within the fraternity, high quality finishes and well priced. Therefore there is no need to go anywhere else for all your restorations, repair work and Electroplating requirements.

We are a one stop shop!